Transforming Coffee Quality and Sustainability


David Pohl, founder of Pohl Coffee Consulting, is dedicated to transforming the coffee industry through innovative approaches to quality and sustainability.  From farmers to consumers, David partners with professionals throughout the industry to create unique coffees for the world to enjoy.

Areas of Expertise

Green Coffee Quality

Strategic Sourcing


Trade Promotion and Market Access

Product Design and Development


About Me

Quality and Sustainability: Hand in Hand

With nearly two decades of experience in the coffee industry, David believes that quality is at the root of sustainabilty and sustainability is at the root of quality.    You can't have one without the other.  Finding ways to connect these two interrelated concepts, and engaging in conversation about quality and sustainability, is found in all of David's work - farm level, trade promotion and sourcing, product development, production roasting and training. 

Product Develop to Manufacturing

David has worked extensively in the coffee industry on the development and roll out of everything from award winning roasted coffee lines to ready to drink coffee beverages.  His focus is on taking the original concept developed in the lab and carefully scaling that up to full production. 


David is a certified Q Grader and offers training in coffee cupping and quality control, roasting concepts and product development.  

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